Gratitude Greetings

Looking for a good way to say “Thank You” to the wonderful teachers at Susan Lindgren? Here’s an idea: send Gratitude Greetings!

– What is “Gratitude Greetings”?
A year-round opportunity for district parents and students to thank teachers.
– How do I send a greeting?
Go to slppsf.org and click on “Gratitude Greetings”
– Where do my greetings go?
Greetings are written out by SLPPSF and given to the designated staff member as well as the school principal
– How much are they?
Donations can be any amount and there is no limit to how many greetings that can be sent per donation
– Where does my donation go?
Donation goes directly to SLPPSF grants to help teachers supplement classroom learning
The St. Louis Park Public Schools Foundation (SLPPSF) provides resources for reading, the arts, math and science, and transitional programs in St. Louis Park’s public schools through donor contributions, which become grants awarded annually to teachers and staff to enhance student learning in these areas. This past year, the SLPPSF granted almost $55,000 in grants directly serving students — more than in any previous year.
This money does not fund core functions of our public schools, like payrolls or capital projects, but rather focuses on providing funding to teachers for innovative projects during the academic or school day that they believe will leverage the core functions and help students excel. Since our first grants in 2004, the SLPPSF has awarded over $435,000 in grants to enhance learning in our schools schools.